Have you been avoiding Fortnite on your mobile device because you can’t stomach the on-screen controls? Well if that’s the case, it’s time to bust out your phone and redownload Fortnite. Epic Games finally released controller support for their mobile players in the V7.30 update.

While the idea of playing Fortnite on phones WITH the possibility of cross-play between players on other platforms was revolutionary, mobile players were often at a disadvantage because of the confusing on-screen control layouts offered. Eventually, Fortnite tried easing the frustrations of their mobile player base by allowing players to customize their on-screen HUDs, but for many people that still wasn’t enough.

The only way mobile Fortnite players could truly be competitive against players on other platforms, was to give them the option to use a controller if they needed one. And now, finally after MANY months of mobile players literally begging Epic to do the right thing, they’ve released mobile controller support.

Here’s how it’ll work. Most, but not all, bluetooth controllers are supported. Vibration will be disabled if there’s a gamepad attached to your mobile device. For android devices, Epic Games suggested bluetooth controllers such as the Steelseries Stratus XL, Gamevice, XBox1, Razer Raiju, and Moto Gamepad. For iOS devices, the MFi controllers Epic Games recommended were the Steelseries Nimbus and Gamevice.

Top: Gamevice, Steelseries Nimbus. Bottom: Steelseries Stratus XL, Razer Raiju.

Before selecting a controller, it’s important to think about how and when you’ll use it. Certain controllers, like the Gamevice, are ultra portable and will make your mobile device feel like you’re playing on a Nintendo Switch, but they can’t be used if you’re using a protective case for your phone or tablet. Conversely, if you choose a controller like the Steelseries Nimbus, portability might be more difficult as you’ll have to lug around a large controller when you’re on the go, but you can keep your device in its case, and gameplay will feel like very similar to playing on console.

Hopefully, as more and more developers release their games on mobile, the legitimacy of mobile gamers will be more widely recognized. We think that Fortnite adding controller support is a serious leap in the right direction. So what do you think? Have you tried using a controller for Fortnite on mobile yet? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite mobile controller for Fortnite? Share your answers with us in the comments below!



By: Bree Mimms [2-9-19]

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