Paging all Dr. Mario fans – things just got interesting. In a tweet on January 31st, Nintendo of America revealed that a new iteration of the beloved classic Mario puzzle game is being developed for mobile. The tentative release timeline of Dr. Mario World, will be a global release early summer 2019. Here’s what we know so far.

While the game will be published by Nintendo, it was announced that Nintendo will co-produce and “jointly operate” Dr. Mario World with LINE. South Korean mobile game developer, NHN Entertainment, will also join in on the development efforts.

LINE is widely known for its messaging app with over 700 million member and “165 million monthly active users in four key markets (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia).” However, LINE is utilized worldwide with a decently sized North American user base.

While LINE is mostly recognized for their chat service, this is not their first mobile gaming venture. They already have a sizeable library of mobile games, and have even partnered with the likes of Disney to make the popular game, Disney Tsum Tsum (with over 70 million downloads worldwide).

As result of the announcement, LINE’s market shares rose 12%, but Nintendo’s went down 9%, as reported by Reuter’s. However Nintendo’s market drop may have also been the result of their missing its target release of “two to three mobile titles in the financial year ending March as it pushed back the release date of Mario Kart Tour to the summer.”

According Nintendo’s press release, Dr. Mario World will be free-to-play with “optional” in-app purchases. There is no word on what the in-app paid content will comprise of or if the offered purchases will truly be optional for a frustration free and fun gaming experience. The game will be supported on both iOS and Android at launch.

Although unconfirmed, it is highly likely that Dr. Mario World will utilize LINE’s social features with things such as leaderboards, challenges against friends, and social invites – like most of LINE’s other mobile game titles.

So to all our Dr. Mario fans out there, are you excited about this release? Do you think the game will be a good fit for mobile, or do you think that there is a serious danger of the game being ruined by microtransactions? Personally, here at Game Oasis, we’re cautiously optimistic and can’t wait to give it a try. We’d love to hear your opinions, so share them with us in the comments below.


By: Bree Mimms [2/1/19]

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