In a shocking announcement on January 28th, Metro Exodus announced via Twitter that they’re “partnering with Epic to bring Metro Exodus to the Epic Games store” and that “as part of this partnership, the digital PC version of Metro Exodus will now be available to purchase solely through” They assured fans that all pre-orders via Steam would be honored, which has been confirmed by Steam.

In a blog post by Metro Exodus, it was further explained how this move to the Epic Games store would affect those who have already pre-ordered their game on Steam. Here’s what you need to know if you pre-ordered Metro Exodus on Steam:

  • All pre-orders on Steam will be honored
  • If you ordered the Gold Edition, you will get the future Expansion Pack on Steam
  • You will still get your pre-order bonuses delivered by Steam
  • Any and all future DLC will NOT be exclusive to the Epic Games store and will be available on Steam

If you by chance ordered a physical copy, you will receive a physical copy of the game with an Epic key instead of a Steam key.

Steam released an official statement regarding the move, expressing their disappointment and thoughts that “the decision to remove the game is unfair to Steam customers, especially after a long pre-sale period.” They also explained that the move to Epic came as a surprise to them and that they were “only recently informed of the decision and given limited time to let everyone know.”

To add insult to injury, to those who have already pre-ordered the game via Steam, the price of Metro Exodus on the Epic Games store is only $49.99, as opposed to the $59.99 price previously offered on Steam. Despite this price reduction, the developers of Metro Exodus will still be making more per sale on the Epic platform. Epic Games only takes a 12% cut of game sales, as opposed to the seemingly massive 30% percent cut Steam takes in comparison.

The fan response on Twitter was mixed, most leaning towards loyalty towards the Steam store. In the Metro Exodus blog post, the developers explained how they believe this move to Epic Games would benefit the fans. They explained that the 88% revenue split Epic Games offers enables “game creators to further reinvest in building great games.”

However, despite their claims that the increased potential revenue earned from the Epic Games store would improve their future development endeavors, it seems that many fans would prefer to keep all of their games in one library, the Steam library. In fact, many of the responses on Twitter alluded that as a result of this move, fans would either opt not to purchase the game, or result to piracy if they wanted to play it.

Only time will tell if the developer’s decision to move Metro Exodus to the Epic Games store will pay off. If customers choose to boycott the sales, it’s possible that they would have been better off staying with Steam, despite the less desirable profit sharing. What do you think? Are you excited by the reduced price point of Metro Exodus on the Epic Games store, or would you prefer to play Metro Exodus on Steam? Let us know in the comments below!


By: Bree Mimms [1/30/19]

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