On January 28th, the official Resident Evil twitter account announced that they will be releasing some new DLC to the Resident Evil 2 remake. While the letters DLC may bring frustration to some (the idea of forking over even more of your hard earned cash for content in a game you already paid for can be infuriating), Capcom announced that this DLC will be completely free (so put your pitchforks away).

The free DLC, The Ghost Survivors, will release as part of an update on February 15th.  According to the announcement tweet, The Ghost Survivors DLC will “explore ‘what if’ stories of three unfortunate souls who never made it out of Raccoon City: The gunshop owner, the mayor’s daughter, [and] the soldier.” The titles of their stories will be No Time to Mourn, Runaway, and Forgotten Soldier.

On Twitter, the fan response was overwhelmingly positive to the announcement. Droves of people replied to Capcom’s announcement proclaiming their love of the game with one fan tweeting in response that “other developers need to follow how Capcom does game content.” What do you think? Do you agree?


By: Bree Mimms [1/29/19]

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