Tired of mystery loot boxes in games? Epic Games has your back. In a blogpost on January 25th, Epic Games announced that they are transforming Fortnite: Save the World V-Buck Llamas into the new and improved, X-Ray Llamas.

Gone are the days of buying llamas and praying to the gods of Fortnite that the contents of the mysterious llamas are what you wanted, because “starting in update v7.30, any Llama available in the V-bucks store will show it’s contents without requiring a purchase.”(1)

So how will this system work? The X-Ray Llamas will cost exactly the same as the old V-Buck Llamas and can still be earned through gameplay. If the X-Ray Llama contains an item you already have, no problem because that item will be replaced with another item of equal type and rarity. Best of all, if you don’t like the contents of a llama, they refresh daily so you can just wait a day for a new one. Mini and Event Llamas will remain the same and will be unaffected by this change.



By: Bree Mimms [1/28/19]

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